Sand from 7 more beaches added to Wasatch Beach

Clint Barnes

Clint Barnes (pictured with his wife Julia) has clearly been busy traveling and, thoughtfully, gathering sand traces to add to the lore of Wasach Beach as a world beach. Recently, he contributed sand from three beaches in Florida – Clearwater Beach, Caladesi Island Beach (pictured below) and Caspersen Beach – as well as Hilton Head Beach in South Carolina. Thanks Clint and Julia!

Caladesi Island Florida

Wasatch Beach Junior player Brianne Miller added sand that she brought back from Hermosa and Huntington Beach in Southern California. Thanks Brianne!

Meanwhile, Mark Zimmerman contributed sand from Oak Street Beach in Chicago. He was there on Friday and Saturday of the 2017 Chicago AVP Championships and recorded the scene at the north end of Michigan Avenue.


As a result, 30 beaches are now represented underfoot when you take to the courts at Wasatch Beach. If you are traveling to a beach that is not currently represented, bring back a small sample and let us know.

Ryan Chandler adds sand from Marathon Key, Florida to Wasatch Beach

Did you know that there are traces of sand from at least 24 beaches at Wasatch Beach?

Continuing a great tradition, Ryan Chandler returned to Utah after a recent trip to the Florida Keys with sand from Sombrero Beach on Marathon Key. Of the 24 represented, this is only the second beach in Florida – the other being Seaside/Grayton Beach at the other end of the state on the panhandle.


If you like playing ball with a backdrop of palm trees on the beach, you might want to check out Marathon Key sometime. It is 43 miles from legendary Key West.


Thanks to Ryan for extending the tradition and for the pic of Sombrero Beach. The next time you have toes in the sand somewhere away from home, put a little in your pocket to add to Wasatch (World) Beach.

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How do I win my zone’s bid to play in the AVP Manhattan Beach Open?

The bid will be awarded to the TEAM with the best finishes throughout their zone’s events. In order to optimize your chances, you should plan to play with the same partner for each event within a zone. If you switch partners, you will begin to accumulate new team finishes with your new partner. Zonal point cumulative totals will be based on our 80% rule. The 80% rule takes a team’s best finishes for 80% of the events within a zone. Example: If you play in a zone that has ten AVPNext-certified events, the bid will be awarded to the team that has the best eight out of ten team finishes. If a team plays in eight or less of the ten AVPNext certified events, then all team finishes count.

Jason Scott contributes sand from Busan, South Korea to Wasatch (World) Beach


Thanks to Jason Scott, a sample of the sand on the beach at Busan, South Korea was added to Wasatch Beach at the end of the season.





Busan is the 23rd beach location represented under foot at Wasatch Beach. Here’s a list of the 23 beaches. Remember, if you are traveling to a beach that is not represented, bring back a small sample to scatter on the courts, and be sure to let Mike Manczuk know when you do.




Thanks again Jason!

Wasatch Beach is one of 8 AVPNext Championship sites

Early in the development of Wasatch Beach Volleyball, we contacted the AVP about becoming the AVPNext organization for the state of Utah. The AVP approved the request – it was an important step in getting from concept to reality. So it is both appropriate and gratifying that the new AVP named Wasatch Beach one of eight sites at which the AVPNext Championship Series will take form this summer. AVPNext, the developmental program of the AVP, gives players an opportunity to advance to the highest level of beach volleyball.

Session II of our open division leagues will be the AVPNext Salt Lake City qualifying competition. Round robin play begins on Tuesday, June 24 and continues through the week of July 21, followed by a double-elimination tournament. The tournament finals are scheduled for Tuesday, August 5. The women’s and men’s open division teams will be playing for a lot: cash prizes, AVP points and an all-expenses-paid trip to Huntington Beach, California to compete with teams from around the country in the national AVPNext Championship Cup. Winners of the Championship Cup in turn advance to play in the AVP Championships, the AVP season finale in Huntington Beach in September.

You can keep up with the progress of the round robin competition through our BracketPal system. Click on the BracketPal link on the home or league page to follow your favorite teams from week to week leading up to the tournament.

The AVPNext Salt Lake City competition will also help build excitement for the AVP Tour stop in Salt Lake August 8-10. Wasatch Beach players and fans are eligible for a 20% discount on general admission tickets for the tour stop, and a 10% discount on merchandise from the AVP online store. To take advantage of these discounts, enter the code WASATCH2014 at checkout for both.

BracketPal in use at Wasatch Beach this season

Thanks to Jesse Gumm, owner and developer of BracketPal, Wasatch Beach will be using this Web-based league and tourney management system this year. Jesse is from Milwaukee and plays at Bradford Beach where the system has been in use for awhile now. The system is also used by other volleyball and sports leagues.

BracketPal is set up as a link from Look for it on the homepage and on the League and Tourney 2014 schedule pages. You will find that it is set up to match the look of our site. Kiera Roberts Powers will be maintaining our BracketPal site with help from Jesse. In years past, Kiera had to manually do much of the work of setting up and managing league and tourney play through the season. BracketPal automates much of that work: establishing the league schedule, court assignments, formatting pool sheets, display of results, even player, team and league-wide notifications. It also greatly simplifies the recording of results, expediting the whole posting process.

We will be working with Jesse during the early part of the season to expand the capabilities of BracketPal to include King and Queen league and tourney formats and the double-elimination brackets used in tourneys. So, this collaboration with BracketPal is truly a win for everyone involved.

BracketPal allows you to post if you are looking for a partner or team, or to sub. The key for everyone who plans to play in a league or tourney this season is to go into our BracketPal system and set up your profile at your earliest opportunity. You can upload a favorite pic of yourself in action on the court, and start compiling your record of play.


Imperial Beach sand at Wasatch Beach

Imperial Beach, California recently became the latest beach to be represented at Wasatch (World) Beach, thanks to the efforts of Hunter and Laurie Hovatter.

More than 20 beaches have contributed a little sand to give Wasatch Beach an international connectedness. For more on this effort, check out the sidebar and link on the Location and Facilities page under About Us.

Imperial Beach is at the south end of San Diego County, sharing the border with Mexico. Here’s a picture of the beach and pier:

Can you identify the players in the historical photos?

If you can identify one or more of those pictured, please submit a comment. We’ll share what we learn as we continue to research the history of beach volleyball in Utah.

Thanks to George L. Miles, AAU, and former USVBA Intermountain Region Commissioner for the photos of play at Liberty Park. More from George in a subsequent post.

Gold Medal Beach Super Camps for Players and Coaches – August 9 & 10

Don’t pass up this great opportunity to work on your skills as a player and/or as a coach, drawing on the skills and experience of Eric Fonoimoana and his crew.

Eric achieved Olympic gold in 2000 in Sydney, playing with Dain Blanton. He was the AVP MVP in 2002. If you’re not familiar with Eric, or want to know more about his career as a beach volleyball professional, check out his stats on and his bio on Wikipedia. Relive the highlights of the 2000 gold medal match via YouTube (5:54 run time).

The schedule for the camps was updated on July 27:

The Super Camp for players will be conducted at Wasatch Beach on Friday, August 9 (3:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.) and Saturday, August 10 (10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.). Here are some of the things you will learn by doing: keys to ball control; shot choice and execution; partner communication; court management and vision; and effective training drills.

The fee for the Player Super Camp is $150 ($140 if you are a Sports Mall member).

The Super Camp for coaches will follow the player camp on Saturday, August 10 from 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at Wasatch Beach. Coaches will learn about: Division I Beach Volleyball; how to recognize talent; player preparation; game and practice planning; drills and conditioning; and nutrition, strength and conditioning. The cost for the Coach Super Camp is $100 ($90 if you are a Sports Mall member).

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