Wasatch Beach Seasonal Sports Mall Membership

With Volleyball season rapidly approaching now is your chance to spend your summer in the sand at Wasatch Beach and the Sports Mall!!!

Take advantage of the following “Wasatch Beach” seasonal Sports Mall membership specials – only available through Wasatch Beach Volleyball.

Option 1: $210 for season pass now through mid October (priced at 6 months at $35/mo – no enrollment fee). Couples at $305. This membership also gives you discounts off WBV tourneys & leagues and runs through October 15.

Option 2: $50 enrollment fee + $35/mo.

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How do I win my zone’s bid to play in the AVP Manhattan Beach Open?

The bid will be awarded to the TEAM with the best finishes throughout their zone’s events. In order to optimize your chances, you should plan to play with the same partner for each event within a zone. If you switch partners, you will begin to accumulate new team finishes with your new partner. Zonal point cumulative totals will be based on our 80% rule. The 80% rule takes a team’s best finishes for 80% of the events within a zone. Example: If you play in a zone that has ten AVPNext-certified events, the bid will be awarded to the team that has the best eight out of ten team finishes. If a team plays in eight or less of the ten AVPNext certified events, then all team finishes count.

BracketPal in use at Wasatch Beach this season

Thanks to Jesse Gumm, owner and developer of BracketPal, Wasatch Beach will be using this Web-based league and tourney management system this year. Jesse is from Milwaukee and plays at Bradford Beach where the system has been in use for awhile now. The system is also used by other volleyball and sports leagues.

BracketPal is set up as a link from wasatchbeachvolleyball.com. Look for it on the homepage and on the League and Tourney 2014 schedule pages. You will find that it is set up to match the look of our site. Kiera Roberts Powers will be maintaining our BracketPal site with help from Jesse. In years past, Kiera had to manually do much of the work of setting up and managing league and tourney play through the season. BracketPal automates much of that work: establishing the league schedule, court assignments, formatting pool sheets, display of results, even player, team and league-wide notifications. It also greatly simplifies the recording of results, expediting the whole posting process.

We will be working with Jesse during the early part of the season to expand the capabilities of BracketPal to include King and Queen league and tourney formats and the double-elimination brackets used in tourneys. So, this collaboration with BracketPal is truly a win for everyone involved.

BracketPal allows you to post if you are looking for a partner or team, or to sub. The key for everyone who plans to play in a league or tourney this season is to go into our BracketPal system and set up your profile at your earliest opportunity. You can upload a favorite pic of yourself in action on the court, and start compiling your record of play.


Can you identify the players in the historical photos?

If you can identify one or more of those pictured, please submit a comment. We’ll share what we learn as we continue to research the history of beach volleyball in Utah.

Thanks to George L. Miles, AAU, and former USVBA Intermountain Region Commissioner for the photos of play at Liberty Park. More from George in a subsequent post.

Help Us Compile the Definitive History of Beach Volleyball in Utah

It seems like a really appropriate time to record the Utah history of our favorite sport. Knowing that that history is stored in the minds and files of lots of individuals, clearly the best way to accomplish the compilation is through crowdsourcing.

To get started, we want to challenge you to share your earliest remembrances of, and experiences playing, beach volleyball in Utah. To participate in the process: email Mike Manczuk (wasatchbeach@aol.com) or Mark Zimmerman (mark@wasatchbeachvolleyball.com), post on the Wasatch Beach Volleyball facebook page, or leave a reply below.

We’ll create and fill in a timeline as details emerge. Don’t hesitate to send pictures and share your stories about the people and places that define the history of the sport in Utah.

Thanks – this should be fun!

NCAA Division I Women’s Sand Volleyball – Update – 2013 Results

During the first week of May, the 2013 women’s sand volleyball championships were held in Gulf Shores, Alabama. This year, Long Beach State (#2 seed) beat defending champion and top-seeded Pepperdine in a 5-set final. Check out the promo video for the event.

The number of Division I schools that offer women’s sand volleyball grew this near to nearly 30. We’re keeping an eye on the AVCA’s list of participating schools, and those that have expressed interest in adding the sport. It looks like the threshold of 40 Division I schools needed to offer an NCAA Championship in the sport will be met or exceeded in 2014. That is exciting news. So far, there are two Utah schools on the list: Utah Valley University (D1) and Dixie State College (D2).

On the AVCA sand site, there is mention of a name change for the sport next year, as well. From “sand” to “beach” volleyball? We’ll see.