Can you identify the players in the historical photos?

If you can identify one or more of those pictured, please submit a comment. We’ll share what we learn as we continue to research the history of beach volleyball in Utah.

Thanks to George L. Miles, AAU, and former USVBA Intermountain Region Commissioner for the photos of play at Liberty Park. More from George in a subsequent post.

Help Us Compile the Definitive History of Beach Volleyball in Utah

It seems like a really appropriate time to record the Utah history of our favorite sport. Knowing that that history is stored in the minds and files of lots of individuals, clearly the best way to accomplish the compilation is through crowdsourcing.

To get started, we want to challenge you to share your earliest remembrances of, and experiences playing, beach volleyball in Utah. To participate in the process: email Mike Manczuk ( or Mark Zimmerman (, post on the Wasatch Beach Volleyball facebook page, or leave a reply below.

We’ll create and fill in a timeline as details emerge. Don’t hesitate to send pictures and share your stories about the people and places that define the history of the sport in Utah.

Thanks – this should be fun!