Imperial Beach sand at Wasatch Beach

Imperial Beach, California recently became the latest beach to be represented at Wasatch (World) Beach, thanks to the efforts of Hunter and Laurie Hovatter.

More than 20 beaches have contributed a little sand to give Wasatch Beach an international connectedness. For more on this effort, check out the sidebar and link on the Location and Facilities page under About Us.

Imperial Beach is at the south end of San Diego County,¬†sharing the border with Mexico. Here’s a picture of the beach and pier:

Sand from Reserva Pacuare is now part of Wasatch (World) Beach

Troy Ketterling recently sprinkled a sample of the black sand he discovered at Reserva Pacuare in Costa Rica on Wasatch Beach. In so doing, Troy continued the tradition that began more than ten years ago. Today, Wasatch Beach has sand from more than 20 world beaches. Check out the list on the About page. If you are traveling to a beach that isn’t on the list, please bring back a small sample. Thanks Troy!