BracketPal in use at Wasatch Beach this season

Thanks to Jesse Gumm, owner and developer of BracketPal, Wasatch Beach will be using this Web-based league and tourney management system this year. Jesse is from Milwaukee and plays at Bradford Beach where the system has been in use for awhile now. The system is also used by other volleyball and sports leagues.

BracketPal is set up as a link from Look for it on the homepage and on the League and Tourney 2014 schedule pages. You will find that it is set up to match the look of our site. Kiera Roberts Powers will be maintaining our BracketPal site with help from Jesse. In years past, Kiera had to manually do much of the work of setting up and managing league and tourney play through the season. BracketPal automates much of that work: establishing the league schedule, court assignments, formatting pool sheets, display of results, even player, team and league-wide notifications. It also greatly simplifies the recording of results, expediting the whole posting process.

We will be working with Jesse during the early part of the season to expand the capabilities of BracketPal to include King and Queen league and tourney formats and the double-elimination brackets used in tourneys. So, this collaboration with BracketPal is truly a win for everyone involved.

BracketPal allows you to post if you are looking for a partner or team, or to sub. The key for everyone who plans to play in a league or tourney this season is to go into our BracketPal system and set up your profile at your earliest opportunity. You can upload a favorite pic of yourself in action on the court, and start compiling your record of play.