Play your way into the AVP Salt Lake City Open

When the AVP comes to Salt Lake City for its initial tour stop of the season in August, 16 women’s teams and 16 men’s teams will compete on Saturday and Sunday, August 17 & 18. Eight spots in each draw will be filled by teams who emerge from the Qualifier Tourney that will be conducted on Wednesday and Thursday, August 14 & 15.

The AVP Qualifier will feature a 58-team draw for both women and men. It will be conducted on the courts at Wasatch Beach!

Two of the spots in each qualifier will be filled by Wasatch Beach Volleyball teams. Spots will go to the men’s and women’s winners of the Utah Legends Tourney on July 20th at the Beach. The other spots will go to the Women’s and Men’s Open leaders of the WBV points race as of August 11.

In the event that the Legends winner includes the points leader, next in points line will represent. Teams must play as comprised in the Legends Tourney for that slot. If a Legends winner is not able to play, the next team from the tourney will represent; if the  points leader is not able to play, next in points line gets that slot.

What is the implication of this play-in format? Clearly, you and your team need to play the Tourneys and Leagues leading up to the AVP Qualifier. So get out there and practice and play and have a great time thinking about the possibilities!

Help Us Compile the Definitive History of Beach Volleyball in Utah

It seems like a really appropriate time to record the Utah history of our favorite sport. Knowing that that history is stored in the minds and files of lots of individuals, clearly the best way to accomplish the compilation is through crowdsourcing.

To get started, we want to challenge you to share your earliest remembrances of, and experiences playing, beach volleyball in Utah. To participate in the process: email Mike Manczuk ( or Mark Zimmerman (, post on the Wasatch Beach Volleyball facebook page, or leave a reply below.

We’ll create and fill in a timeline as details emerge. Don’t hesitate to send pictures and share your stories about the people and places that define the history of the sport in Utah.

Thanks – this should be fun!