Sand from 7 more beaches added to Wasatch Beach

Clint Barnes

Clint Barnes (pictured with his wife Julia) has clearly been busy traveling and, thoughtfully, gathering sand traces to add to the lore of Wasach Beach as a world beach. Recently, he contributed sand from three beaches in Florida – Clearwater Beach, Caladesi Island Beach (pictured below) and Caspersen Beach – as well as Hilton Head Beach in South Carolina. Thanks Clint and Julia!

Caladesi Island Florida

Wasatch Beach Junior player Brianne Miller added sand that she brought back from Hermosa and Huntington Beach in Southern California. Thanks Brianne!

Meanwhile, Mark Zimmerman contributed sand from Oak Street Beach in Chicago. He was there on Friday and Saturday of the 2017 Chicago AVP Championships and recorded the scene at the north end of Michigan Avenue.


As a result, 30 beaches are now represented underfoot when you take to the courts at Wasatch Beach. If you are traveling to a beach that is not currently represented, bring back a small sample and let us know.