Win a Bid to the AVP Manhattan Beach Open

The bid will be awarded to the TEAM with the best finishes throughout their zone’s events. In order to optimize your chances, you should plan to play with the same partner for each event within a zone.

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Bid to the AVP Manhattan Beach Open

King/Queen of the Beach CloserVolleyball Tournament, September 19, 2015

The Wasatch Beach King/Queen of the Beach Season Closer volleyball tournament was held on Saturday, September 19. See the final results on the tournament results page.

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WBV Season Closer

Thanks to Jesse Gumm, owner and developer of BracketPal, Wasatch Beach will be using this Web-based league and tourney management system this year.

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BracketPal in Use at Wasatch Beach this Season

Coaching at Wasatch Beach with Wasatch Beach Volleyball Pros

Kyle Smith, Daniel Dalanhese and Kaden Manczuk provide instruction, training and coaching at the beach from 4:30 - 6:00 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays. In addition, look for WBV's regular training and playing tips on our Private Coaching page.

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2016 Schedules
1/30/2016: Tournament & League Schedules for 2016
The tournament and league schedules for the 2016 season are now online. The tournament schedule includes mens/womens doubles, and our new coed doubles series. Visit the league schedule page for more info on leagues.
2014 Rankings
10/18/2015: Rankings for 2015
Updated rankings for all divisions are posted on the rankings page. You can also see the top 20 men and women of the 2015 season here.