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Summer 2017 Coaching Programming & Tournaments

Beach volleyball is one of the fastest emerging sports in NCAA history, thanks in part to its spot in the Olympic Games and the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour. Over 60 NCAA institutions are now recruiting and offering sand scholarships. The University of Utah started it's inaugural PAC 12 beach program in March of 2017.

Read testimonials from Ute Athletes about how Beach Volleyball has helped their indoor game

Whether you are just learning to play or taking your skills and fitness to the next level, we have a program for you and your young athlete.

AVP Beach Gold

Tryouts (FREE) - May 19 from 5:30 -7 PM and May 20 from 4-6 PM please RSVP your date & time to wasatchbeach@aol.com

If your playing in the AVPFirst National Qualifier on May 20 you can be evaluated during tourney play or contact us for an alternate time.

(Ages 10-18) Boys and Girls

Cost (if selected):
$799 - Early Bird Pricing
(if purchased before May 10)
$200 Deposit + $599 (by June 10)

$849 - Regular Pricing
$212.25 Deposit + $636.75 (by June 10)

10 weeks/practice 2x/week for 2 hrs
Tuesdays & Thursdays

  • Begins June 6
  • Practices developed by Olympic and AVP Pro coaches
  • Nutrition
  • Sports Psychology
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • This Academy is for intermediate to advanced athletes who are willing to commit to the highest levels of training and conditioning.
  • Only 36 Athletes will be selected
Note: If paid in advance and athlete is not selected for gold they will be automatically enrolled into skills & drills training. Refunds will only be for the difference of program price and deposit is non-refundable after program begins on May 30.

Skills & Drills Training Pods

No tryouts necessary
(Ages 10-18) Boys and Girls

$299 - Early Bird Pricing
(if purchased before May 10)
One time payment

$349 - Regular Pricing
(Due prior June 6)
One time payment

5 weeks/practice 2x/week for 2 hrs
Every Tuesday & Thursday
11am to 1pm

  • Pod 1 begins June 6
  • Pod 2 begins July 11
  • Participants will learn intermediate to advanced skill sets and principles on all aspects of the beach game
Attention: If you have played Club Indoor you should register in Skills & Drills even if you are new to the sand. Email wasatchbeach@aol.com for more info.

Beginner Training Pods

No tryouts necessary
(Ages 10-18) Boys and Girls

$199 - Early Bird Pricing
(if purchased before May 10)
One time payment

$249 - Regular Pricing
(Due prior June 6th)
One time payment

5 weeks/practice 1x/week for 1.5 hrs
Every Tuesday or Thursday
11am to 1pm

  • Pod 1 begins June 6
  • Pod 2 begins July 11
  • Designed specifically for beginners, participants will be introduced to the basic concepts and fundamentals of Beach Volleyball
Attention: If you have not played Club Indoor or sand you should register in the Beginner Training Pods. Email wasatchbeach@aol.com for more info.

2017 Tournament Dates

May 18Boys Only FREE Session (3:30-5:30) Limited Space!12 – 18ThurRSVP
May 20AVP First National Qualifier12 – 18SatClosed
June 3AAU National Qualifier12 – 18SatClosed
June 9-10AVP First Grand Slam Qualifier12 – 18Fri-SatClosed
June 23King & Queen of the Beach Fridays12 – 18FriClosed
July 7-8AVP First National Qualifier12 – 18Fri-SatClosed
July 21-24AVP Nationals Hermosa Beach12 – 18Fri-MonClosed
Aug 4-5Utah State Beach Championships12 – 18Fri-SatClosed

Why Play Beach?

Wasatch Beach Juniors training is designed to enhance any athlete’s level of play and understanding of the game and will consist of beginner to advanced skill levels so every athlete can find a level that is best for them. We designate our courts according to age and skill level. We provide a safe and challenging atmosphere for each and every athlete to learn and grow. Training in the sand will help your athlete increase vertical, speed and agility, and the over all ability to perform.

Sand volleyball is exploding in the U.S. as college programs are offering scholarships to young women and PAC 12 programs are now recruiting for sand. Playing volleyball in the sand offers many advantages to indoor players who want to improve their game. Most people’s first response to playing in the sand is that is increases your vertical, which it does, but to add to the vertical, it also helps your joints. Not only is the sand better for your body, but it also helps to strengthen those joints. In addition, when you play in the sand as a middle you are learning to pass and move faster, libero's and setters are learning how to terminate, and the outsides are improving their shots, ball control, and vertical.”

Regardless of your weaknesses indoor, in the sand, there are only two of you and communication is key. As an athlete, you’ll face your weaknesses head on, improve on your ball control which makes you a better player .. this means when you return indoors, you’ll expand on your digging range with your speed and agility. You will also improve your ability to read players, and predict what will happen in the game. This is one of the most important skills of all. Being able to anticipate an opponents shot will help you in every position indoor and on the sand!

Quality gear for a great time on the beach!

Wasatch Beach merchandise is now available for purchase and prize redemption.

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