Tip #1: Communicate with your partner

Before your match, share what you know about your opponents and discuss how you are going to play defense against them.

Talk about the playing conditions, particularly the wind, and how the conditions will affect your approach to setting, hitting and covering the court on defense.

During the match, both you and your partner should be communicating what you are seeing, including:

  • whether the ball is going to be in or out
  • where the hitter will find the open court
  • whether or not there is a blocker
If your partner is struggling, make sure you don't stop communicating. Give your partner encouragement and plenty of information and as much time as possible to process it. Do your best to set the ball well. Consider mixing it up, in terms of the sides of the court you cover and going over on two rather than three.

These communication tactics were adapted from ideas found on Volleyball1-on-1.com.

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